Upon visiting and with each visit to the website ContentExchange.me, its subdomains and its widgets and by using our services you confirm that you agree with all the provisions and accept the following General Terms and Conditions for Web Content/Services of ContentExchange.me. If you do not agree with the provisions bellow, use of services is not allowed and you should discontinue your use of the services. Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.

Last modified: 24.1.2018

General Terms and Conditions


The General Terms and Conditions for using the ContentExchange.me website refer to the terms of use of ContentExchange.me services, and they represent a legally binding agreement between the provider and the users of the ContentExchange.me website.


The provider, owner, administrator of the ContentExchange.me website is I.R.V. d.o.o., Leskoškova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter: the provider, content provider, service provider). The path providers are providers of an Internet connection used by users and the provider. A user of the service is any person who uses the ContentExchange.me website in any manner (hereinafter: the user). Use is enabled to an unlimited number of users who accept the service of the provider in the manner, under the terms and in compliance with the Terms and Conditions as well as other guidelines of the provider. Website (hereinafter referred to as: website) is a website contentexchange.me, its subdomains and its widgets that, within its domain contentexchange.me, enables users to use certain services, described later in this document. The provider can at any time change the name of the domain. Services (hereinafter: the services), are all services and content on website, provided by Content Exchange.


ContentExchange.me, including its subdomains and its widgets, is the place where users can easily access, use and share content from around the internet.


As a rule, the website is accessible 24 hours a day and all the days in a year. The provider reserves the right to prevent access to maintenance and software replacement at the website for a short period of time. Owing to reasons related to maintenance, the provider also reserves the right to prevent access to website for a longer period of time. The provider does not guarantee access to the website in case of potential failure in the networks of the path providers, or any other failure, error, technical disturbance or the interruption of operation of third parties (e.g. power supply) and force majeure.


There is no age limitation for use of content posted on website. It is not permitted to use services for any unlawful purposes. Upon access and by using the services the user undertakes to follow all the guidelines and other rules of use posted on the ContentExchange.me website to ensure quality use of services. The services display some content that is not provider’s. This content is the sole responsibility of third party that makes it available. The provider does not control the material and data submitted to the website by other entities and therefore cannot account for the accuracy of information and any damages that may occur as consequence of the use of such information or its loss. In order to be able to fully adhere to these Terms and Conditions, the provider reserves the right to control and look at any such material or information, as well as the right to delete, move or alter any material, that according to his opinion, violates these Terms and Conditions but does not commit to do so.


Users have to use services in compliance with the guidelines and recommendations of the service provider and the guidelines of the path provider. Users should be aware that abuse is possible despite care and the monitoring of services. The service provider shall notify users of any changes and novelties in all the places where the guidelines for using services and the Terms and Conditions are posted.


The service provider undertakes to carefully protect the data of users and use them for the needs of providing services. The personal data of users shall be protected in compliance with the Data Protection Act.


Whenever you visit or interact with the website, ContentExchange may use a variety of technologies that automatically or passively collect information about how the service is accessed and used (hereinafter: Usage Information). Usage Information may include browser type, operating system, device type, an estimate of your geographic location associated with your IP address, the page served, the time, referring URLs and other information normally transmitted in HTTP requests. This statistical data provides us with information about the use of the Service, such as how many visitors visit a specific page on which the Service is installed, how long they stay on that page, the type of content on that page, which hyperlinks, if any, they “click” on and how they generally engage with that page. Usage Information is generally non-identifying and will only be used for the purposes described in this General Terms and Conditions. We also automatically collect the internet protocol (hereinafter: IP) address or other unique identifier (hereinafter: Device fingreprint) for each computer, mobile device, technology or other device (collectively, hereinafter: Device) you use to access the Service. When browsing the pages of the website along with the content of the website special files, called cookies, are loaded on users’ computers. Cookies contain data some applications on the website need to function properly and at the same time they increase the convenience of use of the website’s services. The user can determine in his browser’s settings, whether or not he allows a certain website to employ cookies. The use of websites that require logging in is not possible without the use of cookies. More information about cookies and their function is available on the website http://en.contentexchange.me/page/cookies and the browser’s instructions of use.


The user has to be aware of the following: Web technologies for transfer and access to the content are not 100% reliable. The content provider is not responsible in case of potential failure due to the path providers. The content provider and the path provider are not responsible for failure in providing services as a result of incorrect use and the user’s lack of knowledge. The user needs an appropriate computer for watching video content. The content provider cannot ensure the provision of services in case of failure of the network of the contracting parties, power disruption or other technical disturbances which could temporarily affect the provision of services. The content provider is not responsible for the content posted on the ContentExchange.me website whose authors are the partners of the ContentExchange.me website. The content provider reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content.


exploit services for commercial, illegal or any other purposes, except those specified in the Terms and Conditions; distribute copyright material or the material owned by other legal or natural persons; attempt to gather, collect and/or store personal data of other users; copy, store or forward the parts or the whole content of the website in any manner. Use computer codes, harmful programs or anything similar that could cause disturbances, failure or damage to the service, the service provider and the hardware and software of the provider, the path provider and telecommunications devices.


Technical support and assistance shall be provided to users at the ContentExchange.me e-mail address. The content provider shall respond to all the potential complaints and conduct other proceedings with users in compliance with the Terms and Conditions and the valid legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. The content provider undertakes to solve any potential technical and/or content-related complaints immediately. In case of justified complaints, the content provider shall ensure to eliminate the causes of complaints and in case of irregularities by the path provider, submit them to the path provider. In case of justified complaints, the content provider undertakes to eliminate them within a reasonable period and notify users thereof. All the complaints relating to the operation of the Internet network shall be addressed by the provider of the Internet connection providing the service to the user.


The content provider reserves the right to deny access to the content of ContentExchange.me website to users who breach the Terms and Conditions or act in violation of the Terms and Conditions If by his or her conduct the user causes any damage to the service provider or the path provider, he or she shall be morally, materially and legally responsible for the damage. You can inform the service provider of potential violations in use of the website by other users at the ContentExchange.me e-mail address info@contentexchange.me, or in writing at the address I.R.V. d.o.o., Leskoškova 12, 1000 Ljubljana.


Provider reserves the right to change and improve its services at any time. Provider may add or remove functionalities or features, and may suspend or stop a service altogether. User has the right to stop using the services at any time. Provider may stop providing services to users, or add or create new limits to the services at any time. The content provider undertakes to notify users of any changes or modifications to the terms of use in an appropriate manner.